More Than Words.

A Dog Named Boo: How One Dog and One Woman Rescued Each Other--and the Lives They Transformed Along the Way - Lisa J. Edwards, Lisa Collier Cool

If I were to create my own heaven, It would be a place full of dogs. So it's not surprising that I like to read about them. Although always satisfying, dog related books can start to sound the same. The plots of these books usually involve the dog rescuing the human physically or emotionally. If it's not that, it's usually a story about perseverance; a meaningful trip an owner and his fluffy friend took or sometimes it is a story about  people that after having a hard to handle pooch, still considers said pooch a member of their family (such as Marley and Me).


So, when my mother in-law gave me this book to read while on vacation, I thought I knew what awaited me. While it's a little bit of a rescue story about how a dog rescues his human family and also a rescue story about a woman that loved and rescued a dog named Boo, it's so much more than that. See, the writer Lisa Edwards is probably one of the most inspiring individuals I've read about, not only for her ability to forgive but also how she manages to take control of her life regardless of the obstacles. I learned a lot about life from her.


Therefore, If you are looking for something inspiring to read, this is worth reading. Highly recommended.