Never Letting Go or Letting Things Pass

Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

In summary, Kathy, Tommy, Ruth  attend a boarding school unlike most. Coming of age at this school may seem a bit normal with bullies, crushes, rules that make sense, and rules that don't but it's different because the children here are preparing for a special 'purpose'.


This story is SAD (in capitals). Ishiguro's writing style is not for everyone. I like the depressing and bleak--vague but obvious style that some might find dull. I like trying to see beyond it- like he wrote like that intentionally so readers could try to uncover the deeper meanings in his sentences. These characters seem very real this way. For instance, the characters do not say things they should say, they let great moments pass,  even if saying something might change everything for the better. Real people hold back like this all the time!  His writing is both mundane (because it is supposed to convey that--imo) and intense at the same time. I'm not sure how he pulls it off but it all works for me.


If you ever read his novel Remains of the Day or watched the movie and liked it--then you'll probably want to give this a chance. 


All in all it made me feel made me think about those missed moments all of us hold on made me think about  all the memories and personal potential people carry around inside that they never let go of...