Serena: A Killer

Serena - Ron Rash

Serena is a man killer. Literally. She eats babies and cute puppies for lunch....and has no redeeming qualities as a character. Normally, that would make me put down a book in a heartbeat because I  don't like my characters to act without a conscience.


Instead I'm in love with anti-heroes-- the kind society may think  are bad but underneath everything they are simply misunderstood, acting only by unpopular integrity. Serena is none of these things. She is to her very core....evil...she has the unblinking unfeeling kind of arrogance that seeks neither revenge, redemption, nor any other emotion..she just is stone cold. By the way, I'm giving nothing away...readers will know this in the first chapter.


Why did I love this book then if it contained so much of what I dread reading about?


Rash is just that good. Have you ever encountered someone so good at their job it made you believe in fate? You just knew the job they were doing was their calling. Well, that is how I felt when reading about  this horrible woman. Rash is a storyteller... not the wannabee kind (like me) or the kind that is awesome because they've worked so hard to be great (like so many). He is simply... a storyteller. It didn't even matter  to me that  at times  the book was predictable or about something that normally would turn me off...I just couldn't tear my eyes away.....