How Does The Garden Grow?

The Red Garden - Alice Hoffman

I love the set up of Alice Hoffman's book The Red Garden.


It starts out with a story about the first settlers of a small town called Blackwell. I guess the majority of these newbies did not have survival instincts...except one lady ( that I LOVED).. It's always  the one person that the majority deem weird that  saves their asses time and time again. Agreed?


Thereafter it tells the stories of the citizens in the future of this small but lovely town. Some of them have genealogical connections with the first settlers. Others were passing through and stayed. I found it an absolute delight to meet all these different personalities.


This book is hauntingly beautiful though it is an easy read (which I enjoyed that element too). It stuck with me, making me think of other towns and their histories, even my own. How are we all in nature connected? It is almost as if we live on a string of time that goes back and forth between the past, present and future? (Just some thoughts).


Anyway, it is a thought-provoking read that would be great for group discussions. Highly recommended.